Co Founder & President

Known for her talents and exposure through The Fabulous Dancing Dolls of The HBCU Southern University Agricultural and Mechanical College, Gaybrielle made her mark within the HBCU world. Upon graduating, she continued her efforts of supporting the culture by:

(1) creating a dance training company and mentoring young ladies to help them make college dance teams, specifically HBCUs, and

(2) writing and self publishing her first book, Forget Your Troubles, Just Dance; comprised of her many stories from a young age to her time in college as a student as well as a dancer.

Helping many students while also playing a significant role as a dancer in college has allowed her to maintain her notoriety within the HBCU community as well as with outside supporters. 

Her goal was always to not only physically train students, but also to mentor young ladies through life by utilizing her life as an example. Her passion for doing so led to the creation of The HBCU Cultured Dance and Arts Society. She noticed that many students, girls and guys, would get discouraged because of the lack of opportunities to grow within the arts in our HBCUs, so it always posed the question, “what do I do now”? Along with these ventures, Gaybrielle originally moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue an acting career. While experiencing her acting journey on the side, her main day to day career consists of working with an accounting firm, continuing to sharpen her skills in other areas such as in the work world. Most positions have put Gaybrielle in a place to consistently serve, lead and speak up, which equips her to be able to take on the task of helping to lead The HBCU Cultured Dance and Arts Society down the path of greatness.